Greenpower’s vision is to explore for and develop Lithium, Cobalt and Vanadium projects to provide our investors with outstanding opportunities to invest in key metals of the future green economy.

Our Projects & Technology

Lincoln Springs project, Queensland

Lincoln Springs is a high grade Copper/Cobalt project north west of Townsville in Queensland. Battery minerals are fuelling the growth of the mining industry in Australia, and the expected future growth in global demand for copper and cobalt exceeds currently identified supply. The acquisition of this project has strengthened and complemented Greenpower’s asset portfolio and is consistent with its ongoing battery metals strategy.

Julia Creek project, Queensland

An exciting Vanadium project in Queensland. Vanadium is the next big thing in energy storage and is also used in steel manufacturing. Vanadium redox flow battery technology is game-changing for the renewable energy industry with the ability to scale to grid-level storage.

Ashburton project, Western Australia 

Cobalt project in the north west of Western Australia showing cobalt anomalism in soil and rock chips over a 15km by 7km area.

Morabisi Lithium / Tantalum / Rare Earths Project

The Morabisi Lithium & Tantalum Project is located within the mineral-rich greenstone belt of Central Guyana approximately 150km SW of Georgetown. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America and is renowned as a mining-friendly jurisdiction.

Coals to Liquid Project – OHD

Oxidative hydrothermal dissolution (OHD) is an unprecedented, economically and environmentally appealing direct liquefaction technology for the conversion of low cost raw materials, including coal, to high-value liquid which can then be separated into platform chemicals for many industrial uses.