Ashburton Cobalt Project

The Ashburton project area is focused on the northern limit of the Proterozoic-aged Collier Basin, around the Talga Fault, where the Collier Basin abuts the Edmund Basin. The project comprises 5 exploration  licences covering  443 square kilometres including its 100% owned Exploration Licence Application 52/3612 which has rock chip values of up to 1.89% Co. 

Historic exploration data on E08/2966 has outlined strong surface cobalt anomalies occurring in both the Collier and Edmund Basins. These  soil anomalies overlie interpreted carbonate and sedimentary rock units and also interpreted Kulkatharra Dolerite where it intrudes the Talga Fault Zone. The rock chip sampling database compiled to date has identified several  anomalous cobalt assay results up to 0.80% Co.


  • Five exploration licences covering an approximate area of 443 square kilometres. 

  • Cobalt anomalism in soil and rock chips over a 15km by 7km area.

  • Rock chip values up to 1.89% Co. + 0.35% Zn + 0.28% Ni. 

  • Four licences are subject to an option agreement with Zenith Minerals Ltd (ASX: ZNC).

  • Historical data being compiled and assessed.