Environmentally Friendly Products & Processes

It Is Our Mission To Find…

Environmentally desirable uses for coal

Ways to create and convey energy to today’s world

We have already been able to harmlessly liquify coal in order to dramatically and cost effectively spur the growth of new plants. This increases world food production without increasing the use of energy or space in this process. We look forward to subdividing the liquid into many valuable and useful platform chemicals.

Our search for a means to convey energy motivated our discovery of lithium, and yielded serendipitous encounters with potassium, tantalum and rare earths.

Our expanded mission is to develop these resources for the benefit of our shareholders.

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Our Projects & Technology

Coals to Liquid Project – OHD

Oxidative hydrothermal dissolution (OHD) is an unprecedented, economically and environmentally appealing direct liquefaction technology for the conversion of low cost raw materials, including coal, to high-value liquid which can then be separated into platform chemicals for many industrial uses…

Morabisi Lithium / Tantalum / Rare Earths Project

The Morabisi Lithium & Tantalum Project is located within the mineral-rich greenstone belt of Central Guyana approximately 150km SW of Georgetown. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America and is renowned as a mining-friendly jurisdiction whose commitment to the…