ASX Announcements

04/03/2008ASX Circular: Commencement of Official Quotation (Amended)Download
29/02/2008Audited Financial Statements 30 June 2006Download
29/02/2008Employee Share Option PlanDownload
29/02/2008Audited Financial Statements 30 June 2007Download
29/02/2008Updated Statement of CommitmentsDownload
29/02/2008Updated Pro-Forma Balance SheetDownload
29/02/2008Admission to the official list and blue circularDownload
29/02/2008Pre- Quotation DisclosureDownload
29/02/2008Distribution ScheduleDownload
29/02/2008Escrow period and number of restricted securitiesDownload
29/02/2008Corporate Governance PolicyDownload
29/02/2008Audited Financial Statements 31 March 2005Download
29/02/2008Top 20 HoldersDownload
29/02/2008Statement confirming conditions on agreementsDownload
29/02/2008Top 20 shareholdersDownload
29/02/2008Appendix 1ADownload
18/10/2007Extension of Offer PeriodDownload
03/10/2007Extension of Offer PeriodDownload
14/09/2007greenpower energyDownload
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