ASX Announcements

07/04/2014Mr John Watts CEO Steps DownDownload
14/03/2014Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
10/02/2014Response to ASX Appendix 5B QueryDownload
31/01/2014Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
31/01/2014Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload
18/12/2013Clarifying Statement 2013 Annual ReportDownload
12/11/2013Annual General Meeting PresentationDownload
12/11/2013Results of MeetingDownload
29/10/2013Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
29/10/2013Quarterly Cashflow ReportDownload
15/10/2013Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
30/09/2013Full Year Statutory AccountsDownload
18/09/2013GPP Sale of its 50% Interest In EP447 To UIL Energy LtdDownload
17/09/2013MNM: Greenpower Latrobe Valley Development Map UpdateDownload
16/09/2013Greenpower Latrobe Valley Development Update EL Map UpdatedDownload
13/09/2013Greenpower Latrobe Valley Development UpdateDownload
12/09/2013Response to ASX Price and Volume QueryDownload
11/09/2013Change in substantial holdingDownload
06/09/2013GPP Relinquishes its Mt Ridley Geothermal TenementsDownload
02/08/2013Greenpower Investment In Astron Limited UpdateDownload
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