Corporate History

Company Origin

Greenpower Energy Limited was incorporated in 1899, as ‘Gunnedah Colliery Company’ (changed to Gunnedah Coal Company (GCC) in 1985), and GCC mined coal at Gunnedah, in NSW, continuously, until 1997, when it sold the Gunnedah coal mine.

In May 2007 GCC changed its name to Greenpower Energy Limited (Greenpower), then, in September 2007 issued a prospectus, and in March 2008 listed its shares on the ASX. 

Greenpower’s New Direction

Greenpower Energy identified Battery Minerals such as Cobalt and Vanadium as high demand/high price minerals for the decades ahead, as the growth in Electric Vehicles and Batteries accelerates globally.

Our Mission – Green, But Practical

Greenpower’s mission has been to use our expertise and experience to:

  • successfully explore and develop its core Cobalt and Vanadium projects, providing outstanding opportunity for shareholders to take part in the global appreciation of these key global metals of the future,
  • find environmentally desirable uses for the earth’s abundant petrified vegetable matter, i.e. coal, and
  • find ways to convey energy in today’s changing world.

Our search for means to convey energy motivated our acquisition of Ion Minerals and our successful search for battery minerals such as lithium, cobalt and vanadium.

Our search for coal uses (other than power generation) has already lead us, via harmlessly liquifying it, to a cheap, simple way to use that decayed vegetable matter to dramatically spur the growth of new plants and thus increase world food production without increasing the energy or space used in the process. We expect our search will also lead us to subdividing the liquid into many valuable platform chemicals, useful to the modern world.

And so our mission has also become to develop all these resources for the benefit of our shareholders.

Our Exploration Properties

To pursue our mission we maintain one application for a coal exploration license in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, at least until we have secured a processed coal supply for our OHD project.

To pursue our lithium exploration in hypersaline brine in Australia’s Northern Territory, we have applied for exploration licenses covering areas where petroleum drilling has identified the presence of subterranean saline resevoirs.

To pursue our investigations for lithium, tantalum and rare earths in the Morabisi area of the Republic of Guyana we have entered an agreement with Guyana Strategic Metals Inc. which holds a large exploration tenement.

Our Intended Processes

In conjunction with the inventors we have examined eco-friendly processes that have been shown to work and meet or exceed our standards. We describe on this site OHD, being one of the processes that we anticipate to commercialise.