Corporate Governance Policies & Charters

Diversity Policy

1.  Overview

Greenpower Energy Limited (GPP) is committed to workplace diversity and recognises the benefits arising from employee and Board diversity. Our policy is to recruit and manage on the basis of qualification for the position and performance; regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, religious beliefs, cultural background or sexuality.

To the extent practicable, GPP will address the recommendations and guidance provided in the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

2.  Objectives

GPP values a diverse workforce and has established the Diversity Principles set out below having regard to the Company’s size and operations.

GPP describes Diversity as celebrating differences and valuing everyone. Each person is an individual with visible and non‐visible differences and by respecting this everyone can feel valued for their contributions which are beneficial not only for the individual but for the Company.

GPP recognises that a talented and diverse workforce represents a key competitive advantage and managing diversity makes the Company more creative, flexible, productive and competitive.

The Company’s business success will be a reflection of the quality and skill of the people employed. GPP is committed to seeking out and retaining the best human talent to ensure business growth and performance.

The Diversity Policy adopted by the Company provides a framework for GPP to achieve:

  • a diverse and skilled workforce, leading to continuous improvement in company performance and achievement of corporate goals;
  • a work environment that values and utilises the contributions of employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives through improved awareness of the benefits of workforce diversity and successful management of diversity;
  • a workplace culture characterised by inclusive practices and behaviours for the benefit of all staff;
  • an environment that encourages the development of necessary skills and experience for leadership roles;
  • improved employment and career development opportunities for all;
  • awareness in all staff of their rights and responsibilities with regards to fairness, equity and respect for all aspects of diversity; and
  • work places that are free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.

GPP will reward excellence and all employees will be promoted on the basis of their performance.

There is increasing momentum on greater work flexibility in parallel with greater workforce diversity. The Company has accordingly incorporated these principles as part of its ongoing development.

3.  Diversity Approach

The following principles have been adopted by GPP to underpin the objectives of its diversity policy:

  • mentoring, sponsorship and traineeship programs have been developed to enhance the retention and promotion of existing employees;
  • existing employees are offered the opportunity to fill casual or permanent vacancies as and when they arise;
  • appointments / promotions are always to be on the basis of an individual’s performance, competence and qualifications;
  • all external recruitment is to be from as diverse a pool of candidates as practicable;
  • positive action must be taken to prevent and stop discrimination, bullying and harassment;
  • recognition of the domestic responsibilities of the Company’s employees; and
  • directors, officers and employees are encouraged to promote a culture within the Company that recognises, supports and delivers on the objectives of this Policy.

4.  Appointment of Directors

GPP’s Diversity Policy requires the Board to take diversity of background into account (in addition to previous Board and leadership experience, candidates’ skills and experience in a variety of specified fields) to enhance the overall Board skills matrix.

In order to promote diversity, the Company’s Diversity Policy requires that the selection process for Board appointments should involve the following aspects (including where the Company engages an external recruitment agency to identify and assess candidates):

  1. a) the selection and decision making process for any new Director is to be as set out in the ASX Principles;
  2. b) short listed candidates should be selected from a diverse pool of qualified candidates;
  3. c) female and mature age candidates are encouraged to apply and where appropriate should be present on every shortlist;
  4. d) the Board must always select the candidate best suited to fill a vacant director position; and
  5. d) If, at the end of the selection process, a short listed candidate is not selected, the Board must be satisfied that there are objective reasons to support its determination.

5.  Appointment of Senior Management Roles

In accordance with its Diversity policy, GPP will seek to maintain its stated diversity objectives by including the following steps:

  • the Chief Executive Officer will have reference to this Diversity Policy in selecting and assessing candidates and in presenting recommendations to the Board regarding appointments to the executive team.
  • the Board must consider the overall objectives of this policy when considering any recommendation from the Chief Executive Officer namely;
  • candidates for a senior executive role should be selected from an appropriately qualified and diverse pool;
  • a short‐list of potential candidates for a senior executive role should wherever possible include a mix of both male, female and mature age candidates; and
  • the Board should always endorse the candidate it considers best suited to fill the vacant executive position

6.  Measurable Objectives

The Board is responsible for establishing Measurable Objectives for achieving greater Diversity throughout the Company.

7.  Gender Objectives

The Board is responsible for assessing on an annual basis the achievement of the Gender Diversity Objective. To this end the Company has the following Measurable Objectives that:

  • Women and men are well represented at all levels of the organisation, respecting the recruitment and management strategies stated above; and
  • Any new Board appointments should include one woman in the short list of potential candidates.

8.  Mature Age Employee Objectives

The Company considers it essential that it retain and pass to the next generation the substantial knowledge and expertise acquired by its mature age employees through their many years of practical on the job work, skills, knowledge and wisdom.

In recognition of both the service and the many skill sets mature age members of the workforce have to offer, the Company will use its best endeavours to retain and / or employ mature age workers as integral members of its workforce team.

The Company will also provide its mature age employees with training to enable their transition to retirement at an appropriate time.