Corporate Governance Policies & Charters

Environmental Policy

Greenpower Energy Ltd recognizes that excellence in managing environmental responsibilities is essential in successful business practices.

The company understands that mining is a temporary land use, and that it is associated with a range of potential impacts. Greenpower Energy Ltd is therefore committed to ensuring that the protection of the environment will not be compromised for profit or production.

Greenpower Energy Ltd will strive to achieve excellence in environmental management by pursuing high standards of environmental performance in its activities.

In order to achieve and maintain these high standards, Greenpower Energy Ltd will:

  • Comply with relevant state and national legislation as a minimum,
  • Ensure that management and reduction of environmental risks is an integral part of operations planning and long term strategy,
  • Develop, implement and monitor environmental management plans to achieve environmental objectives and targets,
  • Set and meet environmental objectives and targets based on the prevention of pollution,
  • Recognize and protect areas of special heritage and cultural value,
  • Support and participate in community based environmental projects,
  • Maintain a close working relationship with government and other related industries to continually improve environmental management and performance.

Greenpower Energy Ltd will annually review and report on the environmental performance of the company and will ensure that this policy remains relevant to achieving its target of minimal impact to the environment.